About the Half Term Bootcamp

A summer school is a form of education provided by specialist tutors during the summer holidays.

This online course will take place from Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October. Your child will be engaging in 5 subjects; Double Maths, English Language, English Literature and Triple Science.

Children from Year 3 to A Level can enrol on this course.

Why Take Part in a Kick Start Bootcamp?

Successfully completing a half term revision course is a great way for students to prove their capability, and demonstrate themselves as a self-reliant individual. Research shows that students have higher chances of successfully enrolling in a highly rated schools / university after taking a revision course. Their short-term experience challenges them to dream higher.

Benefits of Half Term Revision:

  • Increased self confidence
  • Tend to your specific educational needs
  • Understand independent learning
  • Improve your grades
  • Intensive and interactive learning
  • Engage and network with your peers
  • Get Inspired
  • Learning in a smaller class size
  • Increase aspirations and goals
  • Great way to increase outcomes for the second half of the term

    Taking a Half Term revision course will help your child access their true potential, silence their self-doubts and give them the confidence to pursue their dreams and life goals.


The average price for tutors per child and subject is  £750

. We are delighted to offer our Summer School for just £40 per child and subject. A total of £200 for the week.

(additional classes on request)

Sign Up

You can secure your child's place with a deposit using the button below, you will directed to a checkout page before being asked to submit some more information about your child.

If you have sibling who you would like to attend, please checkout for one child and we will contact you to take payment for additional children at our discounted rate.

Full timetable coming soon.